MERMAID SKULL Candle (Limited Editions)


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These "Mermaid Skull Candles" are made in small, limited batches and listed here as they become available or sold out. They are unlike any other candle in the world.

Each one is handmade & hand finished with its own unique characteristics (no two are ever exactly the same).

The candle is designed to maintain it's beautiful shape even after 80+ hours of burning (sometimes 100 or more).  When the core is burned through, they can be used as awesome and distinctive "planters" and make for the ultimate conversation piece. 

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  • Dimensions : 7" x 7" x 5" (close to life sized)
  • Weight : 2.5 pounds
  • Burn Time : 80 hours ++
  • Fragrance : Unscented

Ingredients (including finishes, shimmers, wicks & paraffin) are all high quality, non-toxic, "food grade" materials - for a safe, clean burning, cruelty free candle.

North American Shipping Charges are included in the price - but - there are additional fees for overseas (Non US / Canada) shipping.  

We will calculate additional charges and send an invoice for your approval & payment before shipping. (*Full refund if additional charges are not mutually accepted)

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